You'll Love USF Area Because...

There’s a strong sense that the USF area is going places… fast! With more than 50,000 students enrolled, and most of them attending classes at the Fowler Avenue campus, the USF area is the hub of Tampa’s new Uptown District, and it’s a rapidly evolving region of Tampa Bay.

Historically, the USF area was home to the north Tampa Medical District, including the VA Hospital, Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Moffit Cancer Center, University Advent Hospital, the University Mall, and Temple Terrace’s retail district. The neighborhoods immediately around USF are renter-heavy and have provided much of Tampa Bay’s affordable housing stock.

That’s all changing as the Uptown district planning evolves to include R&D parks, tech innovation, and live-work-play planning, as well as thousands of new apartment units that are targeted to Gen Z.

It’s a dynamic, urban community where you can still find a good deal on a home. Get in on the action in the USF area and be a part of the Future of Tampa Bay.

USF Area



When your neighbors are the VA, Moffit Cancer Center, the Pepin Heart Center at Advent Hospital and Shriner’s Hospital for Children, you’re in great company! Healthcare remains one of Tampa’s economic growth sectors and it’s all within walking-distance of USF.


Future Planning

The Uptown distrct is one of the hottest concepts to hit the USF area in years. Plans are for the renovation of the former Universiaty Mall into a life-work-play community to rival the best in the nation. And with 50,000 area students closeby, there will always be plenty of minds and bodies to fill the streets, clubs and incubators that are planned for the development.


USF Sports

Within a few years, USF will break ground on it’s new Football stadium. 60,000 students will crowd the stands for Saturday games, and will flood into the Uptown district for celebrations. It’s going to be the thriving hub of the Region and it’s what makes the USF area’s future so bright!

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