You'll Love Hyde Park Because...

Hyde Park is the epitome of chic, sophisticated, urban living. In the 80’s, it was a run-down urban community, but it’s close proximity to Tampa Bay and Downtown Tampa made it a prime target for Development.

Retail developers came in and developed out a work-live-shop retail district; preservationists came in and took charge of renovating and preserving some of Tampa’s best historic residences, and the area blossomed.

Today, Hyde Park is the kind of place that attracts thousands of residents to the restaurants and clubs each weekend; where affluent residents seek to set up home or work-from-home offices; where date night can include a carriage ride through historic streets, and icecream from craft-creameries.

Regional Frames



The Hyde Park retail district contains streets and alleys where name brands and craft boutiques live side-by-side with creameries, off-the-chain restaurants and coffee shops. It’s the best of what Retail and Restaurants can be, and it’s walking distance to Bayshore.



There’s no place more convenient to the schools, shopping, bayfront, and office culture of downtown Tampa than Hyde Park. Live in Hyde Park, and you never have to leave!



Hyde Park is decidedly off-the-chain. You’ll love visiting the craft restaurants, the prime steakhouses and the indy-coffee shops that fill Hyde-Park streets. During the weekends, this place is full of residents and guests who are living the chic-urban dream.

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