8 Glorious home design fails that will make you glad you don't live here (unless you do live here - in which case, we can help).

1. This color palette that can't have ever made sense - not even in the 70s.

Home Fail - Pink Bathroom


2. This light fixture that gets everything wrong

Home Fail - Light on a chain


3. This lowered-ceiling-with-fluorescent-light fad - because people love living in caves with bad lighting.

Home Fail - Lighting


4. This disgrace 

Home Fails - Antiqued Piano


5. This reminder that you can definitely have too many patterns

Home Fail - Wallpaper Border


6. This Wallpaper design that isn't the slightest bit racist

Home Fails - Borders


7. This regrettable attempt at rustic

Home Fails - Paneling


8. This Disturbing mantelpiece

Home Fails - FIreplace