Classroom learning is great, but it's during the summer that we can shape our kids understanding of the world in practical ways. This summer, why not give your kids the kind of learning that they just can't get in school. 

Shop ClassShop Class

Bring back technical education and break out the tools. Learn how to drill, hammer, measure (measure first) and make sure your kids have some good practical shop-skills before they leave home.

Start with having them organize your tool-chest. Teach them the names of the tools and the hardware that you have lying around (and get some helpful organization for yourself while you're at it.)

Then download some simple building plans go to town. Build something that they'll use around the house, and don't worry about mistakes. Each one will be a great memory, and they'll finish up the summer with a skill that will serve them well.



Take physical education out of the playground and put it in the real world. They may complain about it now, but in time, your kids will thank you for helping them develop hand-callouses and teaching them a thing or two about hard work.

Gym-strong is good, but Country-Strong is better, and there's always lots of hard work to do around the outside of your home this time of year. You'll be amazed at how good your flower-beds will look when they're free of weeks, sticks, and last-fall's leaves.

And your kids will learn a valuable lesson in how to maintain a home, which they'll need to know for the time that they become part of the home-ownership class. 


Home EcHome-Ec

Use this summer to teach your kids what Home Economics is all about.

Teach them about mortgages; the cost of home ownership; insurance and "escrow". Tell them how much you spend on electricity, water and gas so that they'll understand how their habits impact the economics of your home.

Involve them in home repairs so that they can know how much you save by doing work yourself. And if you're really adventurous, teach them about a budget and how much of that budget is devoted to Housing. Their future household will thank you for taking the time to invest in their future!