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5470 E Busch Blvd, Suite 452, Tampa, FL 33617

I've been in the sales and service industry for over 15 years, starting first on the retail and interior design side, and more recently moving into real estate.

I have a strong eye for design, particularly when it comes to mapping out your home needs. Having a house that fits within your lifestyle is what will make it home and I can help you envision your dream home and how you're going to be enjoying it a year down the road from just a shell of a house, or sometimes even just the land!

I lived in the Tampa area years ago, graduating from Florida College in 2001, after which I moved out to College Station, TX and then to Nashville, TN; but the Florida sun drew me back here about 6 years ago.

Having moved around the country a few times myself, I've been through the stresses and challenges associated with moving/relocating to a new area and I'm here to help make that as seamless as possible for you. I try to live my life with purpose and find strength in knowing we're all on this journey together. The community around us is where our journey begins and shapes us into who we are and can be.

It is with this belief that I immerse myself into every community outreach, local business, and charity event I am able. I have a passion for Tampa Bay and can't wait to help you grow your love for it just the same.